X1 Gov-naut Treasury Management & Allocation Temp Check

Adding some color to the situation for this X1 project, building on the discussion from the gov-naut check-in on Thursday March 10th, and this post in discord:

The simplest and most powerful adjustment was a simple change in perspective on the proposal:


Deciding centrally & codifying ahead of time how we will do treasury management


Observing & supporting treasury management decision-making in action during X1, in order to make it easier and better for X2

For the 4 related “big questions” I proposed earlier, I would propose that this OIP include the following:

  1. Which customers/partners do we focus on? (Revenue)

With org-naut on pause, I would propose to wait to the end of X1 to pick this question up again. With the learnings from all the initiatives, we may be in a better place to answer this for X2.

  1. How do we allocate incoming revenue?

Collect notes and perspectives from the process of distributing the grant funding from involved parties both during and after, in order to do a brief “reminder” and “post-mortem” presentation to stimulate a discussion about pain points and minimum viable structure and/or “recommended best practices” that would support improved operation in this area for X2.

  1. How do we manage treasury assets?

This question doesn’t seem particularly relevant yet, since there are minimal treasury assets. I would propose to put this on pause until we have reason to believe we will imminently have significant treasury assets. I’ll leave the definition of “significant” open to interpretation, ie when there is a feeling of tension about how assets will be managed.

  1. How do we compensate contributors?

Since we have tentatively decided to leave compensation decisions up to individual pods, I propose to include the following in this proposal:

  • Create a “1-pager” document with a series of simple prompts that support meaningful discussions on compensation in each pod. Examples:
    • How do we determine pricing for different kinds of work in our pod?
    • What are we trying to incentivize with compensation in our pod?
    • Is compensation role-based or employment-based? (ie bounties, salaries, somewhere in between)
    • Is compensation contingent or guaranteed? (no matter what or based on something)
  • Offer to each pod to facilitate a discussion of the following, live and/or async here in discourse (abstaining from opining unless explicitly asked)
  • Collecting notes and perspectives from this process as per what I suggested for question #2 above, in order to document the process and propose minimum viable structure MVS and/or “recommended best practices” for X2.

In summary, this proposal is all about getting our hands dirty, documenting what worked/didn’t, and making lightweight adjustments for X2.

Looking forward to your feedback, and offers of support on actually making this happen.


This approach makes sense to me for the reasons outlined. The perspective shift is vital - it’s hard to resist the temptation to try to figure things out in advance or to define central rules to create certainty. While there are circumstances where it makes sense to do that, it’s now apparent to me that this isn’t one of them.


Thanks Daryl, this well written.
I support your proposals.

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Thank you all for your comments and support!

I think the only addition I would make is to add clarification about point #3 “How do we manage treasury assets?”. “Manage” is a generic word and can be misinterpreted.

This point (#3) specifically refers to what is done with treasury assets while they are in the treasury, ie do they sit in a wallet, are they invested somewhere, in what form are they held (ie eth vs stable coins), etc. #3 does NOT refer in any way to how assets are distributed, moved between pods, etc as those ideas are considered in the other questions.

Since we’ve had 4 days since this temp check and there are no objections, I will proceed with writing the OIP.

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