Team and Community Building in Teal Organizations

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A page from one of the great sites shared with us by @wgow on team and commuity building.

Reflective Practices

Large and small group reflective practices are used to help people grow their ability to explore and develop an idea.

When everyone can freely express their feelings, thoughts, emotions and needs, space is created for everybody to be themselves and better understand others. People learn to see each other in the light of their humanity and in the beauty of their strengths and vulnerability.

An example practice is:

  • A topic is selected and presented by someone. Then small groups of people (between 6-10) share their reflections and feelings.
  • The facilitator establishes a few ground rules to create a safe space that allows people to be authentic and vulnerable in their exploration.
  • There is no scripted outcome to these meetings, no expected end product; everyone comes out of the meeting with his or her own personal learning.

Often, collective insights emerge, as well as decisions and initiatives that are then carried out when people go back to work.

I thought this exercise seemed totally worth sharing. Especially since we kind of spontaneously did it last Tuesday at the Portside with the Orcanauts meeting.

What do you think?

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I like that exercise idea as a regular occurrence.

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