[SUMMARY] X1 Interim Feedback

This is a summary of the feedback we collected. Thank you to everyone who was able to respond!

All feedback is welcome and appreciated, but I tried to group things together as best I can to make it concise.

If there are things I missed that are too important to exclude or should be unbundled into its own point, please let me know in the original topic. (I trimmed the most from @appt_pupil so will link out to it here explicitly)


  • Orcanaut mission is unclear
    • Orcanauts took a sudden turn to become a business
  • What is SLā€™s long term vision for Orcanauts?
    • Adjunct community or a DAO or something else?
    • Why does SL want to grow a community?
  • Unclear scope of X1
    • Unclear relationship between X1 Sense Making and ongoing efforts
    • Many Orcanauts are not active in any workstreams
    • A small group of contributors is driving activity
    • What should be expected timeline for X1 be?
    • Level of detail for X1 workstreams varies a lot
  • Guidance on resource management
    • Is the X1 grants to be considered a one-time grant?
    • Guidance on potential for tokens, airdrops and other reward mechanisms for contributing
    • Status check on nav-naut funding proposal


  • It is difficult to keep up with everything
  • Dominant voices can make other feel boxed out of the conversation
  • Need clear guidance on rewards and recognition for contributors
    • Can contributors be retroactively compensated?
    • How are leaders recognized and rewarded?
    • How does Orca revenue benefit Orcanauts?


  • Internal communication around SL activities that may be relevant to Orcanauts
    • There were external announcements that have overlap with Orcanaut pods and X1 workstreams without communicating it to relevant Orcanauts first
    • What are qualifiers for including or excluding relevant Orcanauts from these initiatives?
    • What can be done to minimize risk of Orcanauts starting potentially redundant initiatives?
    • X1 Sense Making initiative was introduced with a defined set of action items and scope without meaningful discussion within the Orcanauts before actions were taken
  • Need better visibility into Orca product intent to become product experts
    • What is the product roadmap?
    • What is the beta partner strategy?
    • Monetization approach?
    • Who will own Orca?
    • Will Orca be on L2 or alt L1ā€™s? What are the criteria?

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