Start writing DeGov Design Focused Research Content and become the hub for innovative DeGov Research Topics

Hi all, I’ll try to keep it straight to the point!

:bulb: Proposal:

I propose to add writing about Decentralized Governance mechanism design and research as a secondary or tertiary priority for SL, Orcanauts, and Orca.

Reason: I think that this is a long-term play that could be great for Orca and the ecosystem as a whole. When new devs, builders, etc. enter the space, they need to be caught up on a lot: blockchain, governance principles, DAOs, etc. Eventually they reach a point they are ready to build. What is new and interesting in up and coming governance design ideas, and where can they find this information? Vitalik is a good source, but surely there are more crazy ideas out there. I haven’t seen it in the space (but haven’t done an exhaustive search), I think Orca could position itself as a leader in writing and aggregating information for these design concepts. That could invite incalculable opportunities where collaborative protocols and entities would come in to write pieces. Perhaps it’s not under Orca, but under a DeGov collective (consisting of top DAO-focused entities: ex. Orca, Element, MKR, Messari, etc.)

:white_check_mark: Next Steps off of this proposal:

I would love to just chat about it briefly, I have a blog post that is 80% done distilling Vitalik thoughts, and cool design mechanisms from protocols I’ve looked at (100 hours or so of work for the protocol I’m working for as we figure out our governance design). Could be a starting point, and then could just invite others to write under this main goal: aggregating new and interesting governance design research.

:eyes: Extra context:

Parallel problems elsewhere in web3: I am involved with BUIDL GUIDL (w/ Austin Griffith) as a contributor, and Moonshot with Gitcoin (implicitly through BUIDL GUIDL). Recently I have spoke with Kartik at EthGlobal and how they are working on bringing the onboarding of web2 devs to web3 under the EthGlobal banner possibly. This would be great because there are so many groups working on similar tutorials, educational onramps, etc. for devs (Developer DAO, BUIDL GUIDL, Gitcoin, UDEMY, Pattrick Collins, etc.). An all-in-one place for dev-stuff would be great in a lot of ways.

Shoutout to @zkchun for helping me come up with this proposal, and to others. It’s been on my mind and I think proposing it like this is the best way at least that I can think of so far.

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Copy-pasting my initial response from Discord:

What if all pods had the agency to “create” content they were interested in but we provided a process in place (ex. media arm or some media pipeline) to ensure cohesion, output, cadence, etc

+1 to this. Through previous Orca blogposts I (and the broader ecosystem tbf) have started seeing Orca as leaders within the Org Design/Governance setting.

Content is king. Especially in web3.


Totally agree with seeing Orca already take a position as a respected group, and with content being important (that includes useful code / smart contract lego blocks, etc.).

I’m curious how our group takes this concept of a DeGov hub. I was more-so thinking of the high-level idea of our group (orca, SL, orcanauts) pushing out well-crafted research docs and doing the work to showcase how we are amongst the leaders in this realm. My connection with Austin Griffith, and now possible Kartik (EthGlobal) could be really cool to collab with eventually through providing a governance 101 roadmap for people entering the space (more just random ideas).

Whether it be led by orcanauts, SL, or both when it comes to Orca’s contribution to a DeGov Hub, that is definitely up for debate!

As always, just looking to buidl (which includes pushing out written content that could help the ecosystem)!

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I’m in favor of this. In many ways, the fact that this community was so open and welcoming to this sort of work is what attracted me to stick around in the first place. While I don’t expect to be able to contribute much on the coding/development side, I’d be happy to contribute to this from a governance and organizational expertise perspective.