Source Pod Role Audit

At the first Source Pod meeting, we decided to create three roles: facilitator, secretary, recorder.

We solicited nominations and then consented to nominees taking on each role, deciding we’d experiment with these roles for one month, then re-visit.

It has been a month!

Existing Roles

  • Facilitator

    • Sets agenda for source pod and shares them before the meeting
    • Facilitates the source pod meetings
    • Role currently held by @chase
  • Secretary

    • Takes notes of important point made during the meeting
    • Publishes notes in a visible manner, including action items, next steps and other key elements
    • Role currently held by @zkchun
  • Recorder

    • Records audio of the meeting
    • Publishes the recordings in a visible manner
    • Role currently held by @postarchitekt

Notes from Source Pod Discussion on Roles

  • It might be interesting to split the facilitator role into two roles: one that covers agenda setting and one that covers actual meeting facilitation (from @Gaian)
  • For roles that feel like they currently work well (eg, Recorder) ‒ it might make sense to do a three or six month duration for roles, rather than one month (from @chase)

Key Questions

  • How do we feel about current roles?
  • Are there roles we feel we would add or remove?
  • Would anyone like to nominate themselves or someone else for a role?
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Happy to keep at it but if anyone is interested in building some note taking muscles, totally welcome to raise your hand :slight_smile:

Re splitting the facilitator role, my worry would be that splitting them into distinct roles will make it very hard to facilitate as the facilitator might not understand an agenda item or context behind it–making them fall back on the agenda setter during the meeting. I think it’s a cool idea, but feel like this would require the agenda setter to have the responsibility of intro-ing each agenda item during the meeting.

I wasn’t so much thinking about one other person making the agenda so much as it being part of the process, extracted naturally as part of the meeting. Check out the Updated Log section to see what I mean–


Moving this to #governance

I agree with extending the roles to 3 months before the next review. I also agree with @Gaian that splitting agenda setting and facilitation may cause more headaches than it is worth, so perhaps we just make that aspect more explicit in the facilitator role for now and revisit this again in a month?