Rook DAO Using Apparent Consensus Voting based on Token Voting

I loved the thought and insight in Rook DAOs governance model. Very appropos for a DeFi based organization, and the use of token voting, while still providing strong anticapture resilience.


• The properties of the blockchain, the effects of tokenized stake, and the threat of fork, render the
effects of voting meaninless and instead supportconsensus democracy as the the natural mode of

• The most widely-practiced form of consensus governance, from Swedish fishing boats to the IETF,
is what Urfalino calls the “rule of non-opposition”. This rule creates an “apparent consensus”.

• A token-weighted vote is a compatible way to signal a lack of consensus.

• On a meritocratic basis, limited positional authority for coordination makes production communities
more competitive.

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FWIW, I don’t think this is highly relevant to Orca Protocol directly, but it’s real interesting to see a strong anticapture solution created for a DeFi DAOs governance if you’re a governance geek.

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Intriguing - thanks for sharing this. I am glad to see this being experimented with, yet suspect that this will need to be complemented at some point by a pod-like structure. The reason is that one issue this does not address is high volumes of diverse activities and the demands it places on participants (both the wider community and the sophons). I’m not familiar enough with Rook DAO, though, to know how likely those concerns are to come about.

A possibility. However, in a DAO producing a specific product, a strong initial vision creates clear limits on scope. Only when there are so many assets in the treasury that folks want to expand that scope do I see your issue likely to arise.

In Rook’s case, and I am no expert on Rook, because the treasury can so easily be used to support the initial aim and mission, I am not sure this will ever be an issue.

I think you are right for any organization that has a broad scope in its mission, as all Sophons or the like, can not concentrate on all disparate areas of development if there are several. Which would create the value for Pods for disparate elements of scope that would server the roles of Sophons for a specific domain(s).

Thanks for bringing that out. :smiley:

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