Request for Additional Resources for X1 SOE Mutual Value Proposal

Art-naut have put forth a lot of effort towards the Surfing On Entropy MVP but the waves of an emergent organization moved priorities for us as we grow as a community. In retrospect, we had a few obstacles that prevented us from achieving our milestones:

  • Development of resource allocation, governance, and treasury management frameworks occupied our focus within the Orca community
  • Shifting Art-naut priorities towards making sure the Onboarding Voyage stayed on track
  • A bear crypto market down 50%+ in 3 months resulted in less resources when we needed them
  • At least 10% of our allocation sent to postarchitekt.eth was spent on model assets (e.g. Onboarding voyage, Surfing On Entropy)

That being said, because there weren’t clear resource allocation and treasury management frameworks, this ambiguity was a deterrent for moving or exchanging funds for fiat. Processing ETH payment allocation were held until the beginning of the month as not to give the impression of just postarchitekt.eth ‘cashing out’ all at once. This also resulted in value depreciation towards accomplishing our milestones.

As the Orca community has moved towards frameworks and alignment to provide transparency across the organization and pods Art-naut finds it necessary to request for additional allocation in the amount of 9 ETH or equal to $10,000 for continuing X1 Surfing On Entropy and the Mutual Value Proposal. These resources will allot the creation and finishing of the necessary content, NFTs, and development of pod governance structures for partnerships in the future.