Renaming "Governance" and "Temp Check" Categories

After having some of the categories up for a while now, it seems there is a difference in how the “Governance” category is interpreted and used:

  1. Internal Orcanaut governance discussions
  2. Governance thought sharing/ research
  3. Discord summaries

There is no right or wrong way of using the category, but I think it might be useful to separate those use cases out for clarity.

What might help is to rename “Governance” to “Research”; would capture a wider set of topics while removing the signal that it’s for internal governance. And rename “Temp Check” to “Governance/ Temp Check” to nudge internal governance discussions into the Temp Check category.

Tagging @aia because I think you were the original person to suggest having a Governance category.


This makes sense to me. Thanks for bringing this up and proposing an improvement.

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I agree. Thanks for always fine tuning our coms!

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