Quarterly Resource Allocation Gameplan


  • Rushing Quarterly Resource Allocation process to standardize pod funding cycles
  • Pods submit requests for funding to Source Pod by June 23rd (using this template)

If you don’t think this is good enough for now and safe to try, please immediately flag that ‒ we’re working on a tight timeline.

This post is intended to provide concrete plans for implementing the Quarterly Resource Allocation process outlined in the Resource Allocation Framework.


Prioritizing speed
For Quarterly Resource Allocation to work effectively, pods should be on standardized funding cycles.

Currently, the state of resource allocation is:

Passing quarterly budgets for July 1 puts pod budgets on a regular, synchronized schedule.

Plan for Q3 Budgets
The process outlined below is probably not the best solution we could come up with. In an effort to prioritize speed (to meet the July 1 deadline), I propose we go with the following system and iterate for the Q4 funding cycle.


  1. Pods submit requests for funding for the period of Q3 2022 (July 1 to September 30) by the Source Pod meeting on June 23

Requests for funding should be by domain (as outlined in the Resource Allocation Framework). To streamline the process, please use this template.

Each pod should submit their request for funding for Q3 on the forum under the Governance and Active Proposal categories. When submitting funding requests, please keep in mind that pods can always request additional resources. Sonar Labs is committed to supporting the work of Orcanauts, but in a bear market how we manage finances (especially as a startup) is incredibly important ‒ so please be reasonable with requests.

  1. Source Pod reviews proposals on June 23, including a Question Round and Feedback Round (as outlined in the Resource Allocation Framework)

Proposers can make edits as needed after review with Source Pod.

  1. Source Pod votes to consent to proposals during the Source Pod meeting the week of June 27

Given that we are changing Source Pod meeting time starting this week, actual date is TBD. July 1 is Friday, so regardless budgets will be passed by Friday.


These are specific notes acknowledging the state of Orcanauts. Objections or concerns around these points do not constitute an objection to the proposal as a whole.

  1. Acknowledging gov-naut compensation work
    Gov-naut is doing amazing work on compensation frameworks. However, in an attempt to ensure we can successfully pass quarterly budgets on July 1, I’m putting forth this one-time budget process with the expectation of iteration and incorporation of gov-naut’s work (where applicable).

  2. Pods already have funds that have been distributed for specific deliverables
    When creating budget requests, please account for funds that have already been distributed by SL that are associated with specific deliverables. If those deliverables are still in progress or are no longer a priority (based on aims and domains work), please subtract those funds from your resource request for Q3 (so if you need 6 ETH for Q3 and you have 2 ETH leftover, you would be requesting 4 ETH). This is included in the template.

  3. Nav-naut submitting a request
    Nav-naut recently received allocation for a period of 3 months (acknowledging that those 3 months started prior to July 1). That means nav-naut will be slightly off cycle for the Quarterly Resource Allocation period. I’m not sure how we want to handle this. The template for requesting funding does account for existing funding, so nav-naut could go through the allocation process for July 1, if they choose to do so. I think we should leave this up to nav-naut.

  4. Hold off voting on art-naut Mutual Value Proposal
    Art-naut recently submitted a request for additional funding for the Mutual Value Proposal, which is a project that generally lives under the “Orcanaut Narratives” domain of art-naut. In the Source Pod call, we discussed market conditions as one major reason for this request. But the reality is that market conditions impacted the pod’s resources more broadly ‒ not just the resources for the Mutual Value Proposal. Given this, I propose art-naut brings a Q3 budget to Source Pod (which can include the funding of the Orcanaut Narratives domain with key deliverables including parts of the Mutual Value Proposal project), rather than voting to allocate resources to only the Mutual Value Proposal. This ensures that art-naut is well-positioned to deliver across all three domains, rather than one project.

Next Steps

Assuming no major objections:

  1. Each pod posts request for funding (using this template) to the forum by 2022-06-23T20:00:00Z
  2. Follow steps outlined in Process section above
  3. After July 1, we can conduct a quick retro reflecting on what worked and what did not work about this process (acknowledging that this is definitely not the ideal way to do this and that iteration is going to be key here)

Unless objections are stated, we will assume consent to this process (again, given the quick turnaround we need to make this work).