Proposal for updates to gov-naut pod membership

Members of gov-naut: please communicate any objections to these proposed updates to gov-naut pod membership by Sunday 15 May 23:59 UTC. If no objections are received and unresolved by that time, we will make the following changes to gov-naut pod membership:

  • Add Cadena to the gov-naut pod (contingent on his being promoted to the Orcanaut role, which I have requested)
  • Remove Avi Kabani, Brunny, kangpandabear, kassen, Orlando, and Seth R from the gov-naut pod


The gov-naut pod requires active membership in order to fulfill its aims and domains, yet we have several members that we have not seen activity from in the Orca Protocol community in some time. We are thankful for the services of all members to this point and respect that the last few months have been challenging for many members to continue their participation, yet need to ensure that gov-naut is best positioned to help DAOs achieve their full potential.

The recently approved governance charter confirms that the pod has the right to manage its own membership. Thus, we tagged all current gov-naut members in a Discord post on 2022-05-02 to confirm interest in remaining an active member of the gov-naut pod. Members were given until the end of the day on 2022-05-13 to respond. We received the following results as of that time:

  • The following members expressed interest in remaining members of the gov-naut pod: Appt Pupil, DaryEdwards, Gaian, PostArchitekt.
  • The following members indicated that they would prefer to be removed from gov-naut membership at this time: Brunny
  • The following members did not respond to the request to confirm interest in remaining in gov-naut as of this time: Avi Kabani, kangpandabear, kassen, Orlando, Seth R
  • The following Cadets expressed interest in joining the gov-naut pod: Cadena

Given these results, I am proposing that we remove all members from the gov-naut pod that have indicated a preference to do so, or that have not responded. I am also proposing that those members and Cadets that expressed interest in being part of the gov-naut pod be added to the gov-naut pod.

It’s important that we be clear about what this means, and what it does not mean:

  • Removal from the gov-naut pod does not equal removal from Orcanauts as a whole
  • Orcanauts can participate in gov-naut activities even if they are not a member of the gov-naut pod
  • Orcanauts in good standing may always request to join the gov-naut pod, regardless of whether they have previously been a member of the pod or not. (Note: we’ve not defined what “in good standing” means or precise criteria for admission to the pod, so those will need to be determined in the future by Orca and by the pod, respectively.)
  • Our pod does not yet have agreed criteria for removing members that wish to remain active. We will need to define and consent to criteria for maintaining pod membership, and once that is done we can remove pod members that do not meet the criteria as appropriate.

To be clear, any member removed can still participate in gov-naut activities as long as they are an Orcanaut! If a removed member wishes to rejoin the gov-naut pod, they can request to be added to the pod at any point in the future, and the pod will then decide what we wish to do in that regard. Thus, we are making this action as safe as possible for the Orca community, the gov-naut pod, and all members.


Appreciate the steps you’ve taken to move this forward!

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This is done after confirming with Pupil here

Will move this to Ratified.