Orca Protocol Membership NFTs

Hey Folks,

I really like the idea of Open Source and Building in Public. I know not all things can be public however, and realized that even with being public, I like the idea of gating some information to those who at least take the time to become a Member of the community.

With no fungible tokens involved for the indefiinite future, it also gives more appeal to the community for the NFT hunters, and allows us to gate “public” information that we don’t want to be on the wide open internet.

Your thoughts?


Creating NFTs for all major Discord Roles will allow us to gate all kinds of information appropriately, as well as create some incentive for more participation.

I absolutely love this idea. Not only for utility’s sake but also as a means to further incentivize and grant ownership to our community where possible.

I would like to acknowledge this slipped right by me during my life adjustment period while packing.

I fully support this and would like to be involved however is relevant or needed.

Obviously, the Orcanauts roles does not need another NFT, as they have the Pod NFT for that role. We may need to learn something from SL, on how we create NFTs that are soul bound and can be clawed back if necessary.

Or, maybe Gateway or rep3 will have already solved this for us. ???