OIP - Navnaut request for funding from Orca Core


The Navnauts are building the tools, techniques, and playbook, so we can operate as Navigators for Orca, and install the tools and train Navigators for other digital organizations (dOrgs). This proposal is a request for funding the Navnaut Expedition 1 (“X1”) milestones:

  • Outline a Navigator Playbook
  • Test tools and create an MVP tool stack for organizational knowledge management
  • Create tools for deep profiles for contributors
  • Create KPIs to measure success of the contributor - organization relationship
  • Define the Navigator role and it’s value proposition


  • The value of a community is based on people.
  • People bring their ideas, skills, time, energy, and passions.
  • They are the users of the community’s product.
  • People bring their relationships that lead to investments, clients, and partnerships.
  • Currently, in many communities this value is never realized, or lost before it can be engaged.


  • The Navigator creates value in the dOrg by collecting and organizing people and knowledge, and guiding (Navigating!) these resources, so the people can create maximum mutual value for themselves and the community.
  • The Navigator role covers onboarding, education, community ops, knowledge mgt, as well as consulting in these domains everywhere in the dOrg.

Benefits: This work will provide many benefits to DAO/dOrgs, community members, and the Orcanauts:

  • DAO/dOrgs
    • Increased engagement and retention of contributors
    • Increased exposure to future clients, funding, and partners.
    • A sophisticated onboarding system with automated and human components
    • An organizational memory and functional access to the created knowledge
  • DAO/dOrgs members
    • Better understanding of the dOrg’s mission, values, products, and projects.
    • Guidance on where and how to contribute
    • Maximum value from their contributor experience
  • Orcanauts
    • Increase the Orcanauts’ understanding of the governance activities and challenges of DAO/dOrgs
    • Establish the Orcanauts’ reputation as an authority in onboarding, community building, and knowledge management - noted DAO/dOrg pain points.
    • Funnel talent into contributor roles
    • Provide a recurring revenue source to the Orcanauts

Key Questions This Work Will Address:

  • What best practices can we template, for ourselves and clients, to improve contributor retention?
  • What elements indicate success of the contributor - organization relationship?
  • How can we measure those elements?
  • What knowledge needs to be stored and what are the best practices? Privacy?
  • How can we support the contributor lifecycle to create maximum value for the contributor and the organization?
  • What knowledge needs to be gathered and stored to support dOrgs?
  • What tools are most appropriate to support this role?
  • How should we measure the value created by Nav-nauts?

Key Steps to Deliver This Work Successfully:

  • Survey other users and community mgrs about their practices.
  • Brainstorm KPIs, and note what KPIs we can collect by automation.
  • Create a table of knowledge types and appropriate tools.
  • Outline Navigator Playbook.
  • Test a specific MVP tool stack for organizational knowledge management.
  • Compile list of tool choices and information we need to understand who contributors are.
  • First draft of a Map of the Contributor Life Cycle and its value creation opportunities.

Definition of Done: The Navigator is a well defined role, with a solid value proposition which we can use for pitching clients. The Navnauts have installed a knowledge management tool stack, including deep contributor profiles, for the Orcanauts. We have an outline of the Navigator Playbook to flesh out in X2. We are measuring Orca contributor KPIs, testing engagement tactics, and making this data available for Orcanauts.

Compensation for this workstream:

  • Navnauts are requesting 7500 DAI to complete the X1 milestones
  • This will be distributed as a monthly payment of 1250 DAI per month to each aia and dendrons for the anticipated 3 month expedition.
  • Orcanauts are requesting .5 ETH to retroactively compensate Avi for his work on proposals and partnerships with BBDAO, Nouns, et al.
  • Just to be clear, the total of this proposal is 8750 DAI (3.5 ETH)
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Looks great! No suggestions for changes at this point, yet will let you know if that changes. When would you want to put the proposal forward?

Probably post as a proposal tomorrow or after a few more Orcanauts give it a review today. Thanks Pupil!