OIP Draft - X1 DAO Pain Points Survey workstream

Summary: This proposal outlines our planned approach for the Orcanaut Expedition 1 (“X1”) DAO Pain Points Survey milestone that is assigned to the gov-naut pod. The intent of this work is to enable the Orcanauts to uncover deeper insights and make new discoveries about DAO governance pain points. This will inform how the Orcanauts organize and improve prioritization of future Orcanaut activities.

Situation: The Orcanauts help DAOs achieve their full potential by offering tools and services, such as Orca Protocol’s pods, to address their biggest governance challenges. One of the biggest challenges the Orcanauts have is that it is unclear what specific governance challenges are most critical to DAOs in 2022.

The Orcanauts have had limited resources to devote to assessing DAO governance. Other surveys have focused on participant experiences with DAOs rather than value impacts from governance issues. This has led to a reliance on the direct experiences of our members and lessons gleaned from high-profile situations, which is helpful, yet does not provide the evidence that would best guide our efforts or the credibility that would sway skeptical DAO members of the value the Orcanauts can provide to their communities.

Opportunity: The gov-naut pod can provide value to Orca Protocol and the Orcanauts by facilitating a survey of DAOs using both on-chain data analysis and targeted interviews of key DAO stakeholders. The results gathered would then be analyzed and used to inform prioritization of Orcanaut activities and support external communications of DAO governance challenges

Benefits: This project will provide many benefits to the DAO ecosystem, Orca Protocol and the Orcanauts themselves such as the following:

  • DAO ecosystem
    • Increase awareness by DAO members of DAO governance challenges
    • Encourage greater participation by DAO members in governance activities
    • Inspire additional research into DAOs
  • Orca Protocol
    • Provide additional insights for product roadmap decision making
    • Bolster evidence that can be used to support Orca Protocol marketing materials
    • Increase awareness of Orca Protocol
  • Orcanauts
    • Increase the Orcanaut’s understanding of the governance challenges of DAOs
    • Bolster the Orcanaut’s reputation as an authority on governance of DAOs
    • Grow relationships between surveyed DAOs and the Orcanauts

Key Questions This Work Will Address:

  • What are the key pain points DAOs face that they are willing to invest resources in to address?
  • How well are DAOs living up to their stated values and mission statements?
  • What are the actual and perceived levels of engagement in DAO governance across the ecosystem?

Key Steps to Deliver This Work Successfully:

  • Confirm the goals of this effort and what information would best enable us to achieve those goals.
  • Determine the best mechanism(s) for obtaining this data in an effective and efficient way based on a holistic view of which method is best for collecting different kinds of data.
  • Identify contacts for qualitative interviews.
  • Conduct startup-style “customer interviews” as a guide for interviewing DAOs about pain points.
  • Collaborate with dev-naut pod to gather on-chain governance data.
  • Create an approach to storing collected data that is in line with methods developed by other work streams such as the Orcanaut Identity Project.
  • Analyze the data for compelling insights and interesting correlations.
  • Create materials for sharing these findings with the DAO ecosystem.
  • Publish and publicize the findings.

Definition of Done: The gov-naut pod has produced a report of findings from analysis of quantitative on-chain governance activity data and qualitative member surveys of notable DAOs regarding governance pain points. The pod has produced a database of established relationships and leads for potential collaboration opportunities, as well as basic price structures and partnership guidelines for creating future proposals to address the most important pain points.

Compensation for this workstream: Payments for each completed milestone TBD, with an opportunity for a bonus payment based on the perceived value of the completed survey and related artifacts.

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