OIP Draft - transition of X1 DAO Pain Points Survey to Pod Sense Making Initiation

Summary: This proposal outlines our approach to transition from the DAO Pain Points Survey workstream we have been conducting as part of Orcanaut Expedition 1 (“X1”) to a Pod Sense Making Initiation workstream. The intent of this work is to enable the Orcanauts to uncover deeper insights and make new discoveries about DAO use of Orca Protocol pods. This will inform how the Orca community organizes and improves prioritization of its activities, strengthen Orcanaut capabilities in working with Orca Protocol, and develop the ability of the Orca community to support DAOs in their improvement efforts.

Situation: The Orcanauts help DAOs achieve their full potential by offering tools and services, such as Orca Protocol’s pods, to address their biggest governance challenges. One of the biggest challenges the Orcanauts have is that it is unclear what specific challenges DAOs have with using Orca Protocol pods at this time.

The Orcanauts have little to no visibility and expertise regarding the use of Orca Protocol pods. This makes it difficult to guide our efforts to effectively help DAOs achieve their full potential and hampers establishing the credibility needed for DAOs to trust us to help them with their biggest challenges.

Opportunity: The gov-naut pod can provide value to Orca Protocol, the Orcanauts and the broader Orca community by developing its competency in working with Orca Protocol pod data to understand usage patterns. An initial set of results would be gathered, analyzed, and reported to inform prioritization of Orcanaut activities (including metagovernance work) and support external communications of DAO governance challenges. If warranted, we would then set up an ongoing mechanism for the gathering, analysis, and reporting of Orca Protocol pod data as a service to the Orca community.

Benefits: This project will provide many benefits to the DAO ecosystem, Orca Protocol and the Orcanauts themselves such as the following:

  • DAO ecosystem
    • Increase awareness by DAO members of pod activities and how they related to DAO governance challenges
    • Encourage greater participation by DAO members in pods and in governance activities
    • Inspire additional research into how DAOs can best make use of pods to achieve their adventure-vision
  • Orca Community
    • Provide additional insights for product roadmap decision making
    • Bolster evidence that can be used to support Orca Protocol marketing materials
    • Increase awareness of Orca Protocol
  • Orcanauts
    • Increase the Orcanaut’s understanding of Orca Protocol and how DAOs are using pods
    • Bolster the Orcanaut’s reputation as an authority on Orca Protocol and the governance of DAOs
    • Grow relationships between DAOs using Orca Protocol and the Orcanauts

Key Questions This Work Will Address:

  • What are the main challenges DAOs face in using Orca Protocol pods?
  • How can the Orca community make it easier for DAOs to get more value from Orca Protocol?
  • What impact is Orca Protocol making on governance challenges in DAOs that have adopted the use of pods?

Key Steps to Deliver This Work Successfully:

  • Confirm the halt of work on the DAO Pain Points Survey, document the activities performed, and transition any materials generated to appropriate repositories for future use by the Orca Community.
  • Confirm the goals of this effort and what information is available from Orca Protocol would best enable us to achieve those goals.
  • Determine the best mechanism(s) for obtaining this data in an effective and efficient way based on a holistic view of which method is best for collecting different kinds of data.
  • Collaborate with dev-naut pod for any development work needed to deliver the results needed.
  • Create an approach to storing collected data that is in line with methods developed by other work streams such as the Orcanaut Identity Project.
  • Analyze the data for compelling insights and interesting correlations.
  • Create materials for sharing these findings within the Orca community, the DAO(s) using Orca Protocol, and the broader DAO ecosystem.
  • Publish and publicize the findings.
  • Concurrent with the above actions as appropriate, determine what services from Pod Sense Making the Orca community would benefit from and create a proposal to set up appropriate mechanisms and obtain the resources required to deliver those services with the level of timeliness and quality required.
  • Obtain approval for the resources required.

Definition of Done: The gov-naut pod has produced a report of findings from analysis of Orca Protocol data regarding the use of pods and related governance pain points. The Source Pod has decided on a level of ongoing resourcing appropriate for Pod Sense Making to provide services desired by the Orca Community regarding analysis of Orca Protocol data. The gov-naut pod has agreement on what mechanisms will be set up to use the resourcing provided to deliver the services intended.

Compensation for this workstream: The resourcing of 2 ETH intended for the DAO Pain Points survey will be used to resource this work. Work done towards the original DAO Pain Points Survey objectives will be eligible for reward and recognition along with the work performed in support of the objectives documented in this proposal. Specifics of how we will distribute those resources will be informed by the Treasury Management workstream and agreed to by consent by the gov-naut pod.


I consent to this thorough proposal that sets the standards for Orcanauts to keep up with!

Thanks for your hard work and look forward to being able to work together on this.