OIP 0: Grant Request from Orca Protocol to the Orcanauts

Originally posted on the Orcanauts Notion page on February 8th, 2022 by Avi Kabani

tl;dr: The Orcanauts request a grant from Orca Protocol to help build our infrastructure, grow our pods, and stabilize our ecosystem.


As the Orcanauts continue to grow and develop best practices, DAO partnerships, and create internal initiatives for our pods, we request a grant to help launch our initiatives and work processes.

We are at the start of an exciting time to be in web3 and this grant will help circulate resources to underlying frameworks, ecosystems, and beyond.

This grant will allow us to attract new talent and show that we have a head start on experience when interacting with DAOs and other web3 projects. Our focus will be on designing the Orcanauts pod structure, identity, and teams with the best possible tools available.

X-1 Milestones

Some high-level actionable items for X-1 that we want to execute on:

  • Create & maintain a standardized service offerings menu
  • Treasury management and allocation plan
  • Create content for promotion of key Orcanauts ideas
  • Splash page for the Orcanauts
  • Brand profile with art assets to define the Orcanauts
  • Create and test an engaging onboarding process for new members
  • Set up a metagovernance structure for managing delegated governance tokens
  • Conduct a survey of DAO pain points

Strategy & Timeline

The Orcanauts will develop a blueprint for allocating the resources to the appropriate pod structures and most effective use cases.


A one time payment of 15 ETH to orcanauts.pod.xyz.


The Orcanauts are excited to continue to grow, expand, and develop our expertise in web3 and beyond with the Orca Protocol by its side!

Status: PASSED

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