[NOTES] X1 Pod Discussion

What: X1 Pod Discussion
When: 2022-03-16T15:00:00Z
Who: Chase, Anne, dendrons, aia, Julz, John, Dan, Appt Pupil, crypdough, PostArchitekt, Daryl, Chun

Goal: Clarify aims and domains of Orca pods around a North Star, and take stock of current Orcanaut pods and initiatives.


Goal: The goal of the X1 Pod Discussion is to gain clarity on aims and domains of Orca pods.

  • Orca = Orcanauts + Sonar Labs
  • Orcanauts = people who are members of Orcanaut pods
  • Sonar Labs (SL) = people who are employees of Sonar Labs

To reach this goal, we did 3 exercises, which you can still go through by going to the FigJam:

  1. Establishing our North Star
  2. Looking at where Orca is at now
  3. Reflecting on how things have gone so far

1. Establishing our North Star

Having a North Star is important for the same reason that members of a choir need to be singing the same song.

From the Orcanauts Identity Survey, we gathered 3 main reasons for what made people excited about the Orca community:

  1. It is a people-focused approach to DAOs
  2. A chance to improve DAO governance and decentralized organizations
  3. Implement and experiment with pods

Orca’s aim and mission is to:

  • Aim: improve the way DAOs organize
  • Mission: steward and build infrastructure and processes to enable the pod model

Our North Star: Every Orca pod (both SL and Orcanaut pods) has an aim and domain that furthers Orca’s aim to improve the way DAOs organize by stewarding and building infrastructure (technical) and processes (social) to enable the pod model.

Examples of aims and domains here.

2. Looking at where Orca is now

Sonar Labs is currently divided into two pods:

  1. Core protocol development
    a. Smart contracts
    b. Front-end
    c. App design
  2. Growth and research
    a. Orca Branding
    b. Business development
    c. Content
    d. Community
    e. Research

Orcanauts currently have five pods:

  1. Art-naut
    a. Orcanaut brand and content
  2. Dev-naut
    a. Technical governance research
    b. Technical integration support
  3. Org-naut
    a. Social pod implementation
  4. Nav-naut
    a. Contributor experience
    b. Knowledge management
  5. Gov-naut
    a. DAO governance (internal and external)

At a glance, how do we feel right now about this?

  • Gov-naut
    • Need clearer framing around what gov-nauts are and how it is different from org-naut
  • Org-naut
    • Does it serve its intended purpose?
    • Questions org-naut domain, given that biz-dev falls into SL’s domain
    • Given overlap on multiple sides (with gov-naut and SL), org-naut could become a good test case for invoking governance charter functions
    • It could also become a test case for collaboration between SL and Orcanauts

3. Reflecting on how things have gone so far

Visit the FigJam to see the entire board. Some highlights (multiple +1’s) on what we:

  • Liked
    • The culture of inclusiveness around giving everyone space to contribute
    • Using vision and mission to ground this work before continuing
  • Disliked
    • Lack of clarity on what is going on, without having to re-listen to all recordings
    • Ambiguity around org and gov-naut and what membership means
    • Uncertain future beyond X1
  • Would change
    • Consideration for how Orcanauts and SL can collab on initiatives and have pods that are under both domains
    • Orcanaut biz-dev (org-naut) and SL biz-dev feels the same in its aim and domain–having them integrated might help
    • Further clarify aims and domains of different layers of the Orca ecosystem
  • Should consider moving forward
    • Better processes for deciding where initiatives fit

(If you would like to add more to this, feel free to hop into the FigJam.)

What’s next:

Action items for all:

  • Share your thoughts on how to split up the domains for Orca pods
  • Go to the final step in the FigJam
  • Copy one of the existing sticky notes
  • Where should domains sit?
    • Imagine you have full authority over this decision, what would Orca look like?
    • Domains can sit in SL, Orcanauts or shared

Next steps:

  • On the community call of Friday 18 Mar (11:00AM EST), we revisit the last step in the exercise and do a quick review

Closing thoughts:

  • These exercises were not meant to judge performance up to now, but to get an overview of the current state of Orca (SL + Orcanauts)
  • Becoming a self-managing organization is not a short and easy process; being intentional with exercises like this will help a lot

Thanks @zkchun1! These kinds of notes I think make it WAY easier to stay up to date on meetings without necessarily having to listen to ALL the recordings. Also helps me remember what the follow-ups were :slight_smile:

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I really love this summary, and how you linked all the relevant docs.

It may bwe too high a standard to ask for for all meetuling minutes, but it does model really publishing meeting notes right.

Thank you!
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Excellent summary. Action items/next steps!.. Very helpful.