[NOTES] Tea Time Process 5 Apr 2022

What: Orcanauts and Sonar Labs Tea Time
When: 2022-04-05T13:00:00Z
Facilitator: cryptohun3y
Participants: aia, Appt Pupil, dendrons, frogmonkee, Gaian, itsdanwu, John Sterlacci, julz, PostArchitekt, zkchun

Written by cryptohun3y:


Through-lines of convergence, moments of divergence.

Moments of divergence:

  • Sonar Labs sees the Orcanauts as key part of the progressive decentralization of Orca Protocol. None of the Orcanauts mentioned Orca Protocol within their understanding of the purpose of the Orcanauts.
  • At one point, the Orcanauts thought their purpose included thinking about, and sharing out, best practices for how DAOs can organize. Sonar Lab staff* did not mention the external-facing component of this purpose.
    • *One Sonar Lab staff who came up through the Orcanaut community did mention their understanding of the Orcanaut community as place to influence the ecosystem, but this staff member was also the only person who expressed a need for more clarity of purpose
  • Orcanauts experienced a loss of clarity of purpose when Sonar Labs onboarded new Sonar Lab staff that seemingly where there to fulfill the purpose of the Orcanauts - specifically this social component.

Through-lines from both the Orcanaut & Sonar Lab perspective:

There was an initial understanding of the purpose of the Orcanauts to be the proving ground of the pods concept, as well as a marketing and recruiting arm for the pods concept.

There was clear consensus leaving the gathering that people felt grateful, motivated, a sense of optimism, relief, and bullish on the Orcanaut & Sonar Lab ecosystem.

The purpose, motivation, and desired outcomes of the Tea Time conversation, as pulled from the pre-gathering Questionnaire.


Time: 9:00 AM

  • Open
  • Set the room, arrive
  • Why am I facilitating this conversation?
  • amb quotes
    We are all agreeing to be here together.

“Mediation holds that the current moment is not the only moment, and that there are things we can do to decrease harm and increase respect and communication over time to change conditions and dynamics.” - amb, Holding Change Be clear that this is not mediation.

“People often think they need to take action when they actually need to build relationship.” - amb, Holding Change

Principled Struggle
• We struggle for the sake of deepening our collective understanding and getting to greater unity*
• Be honest and direct – while holding compassion.
• Take responsibility for your own feelings and actions.
• Seek deeper understanding. Ask questions! Read the article! Ask and read before you bring a critique!
• Consider that this may or may not be the container to hold all that you need to bring.
• Side conversations, or one on ones, should help us get better understanding, not check out.**

*This is true except when the emergent outcome is the need for clearer boundaries.
**Developing “allies” is a crucial component in any conflict arc, and is a signal that intervention is needed. Books and Publications | Sustained Dialogue Institute

Am facilitating this conversation because I have a deep study and practice of conflict engagement within organizational structures, particularly at the intersection of race and class.

I am also a short-term contractor with Sonar Labs, as the lead on the emerging Governance Summit. I am also a Orcanaut with a fixed-scope participation. I am impacted by this tension, but not staked in it.

Time: 9:10 AM

  • About today’s process
  • Understanding of purpose
    One person will speak at a time, I’ll reflect back what I heard and the person will confirm. I’ll take notes on what’s confirmed, and will also return us back to things that have been confirmed.

I am going to bring a heavier hand of facilitation since we only have one hour. What are the needs that aren’t being met, and why do they matter?

What change will be possible, what behaviors, actions will be possible when we have clarity and transparency?

It’s important to be precise about the purpose, motivation, and outcomes to ensure that we have a shared understanding of why we’re here. Gatherings can go awry when people don’t have a shared understanding of the purpose and motivations - we don’t have to like the purpose or the motivations, but we have to be clear on them.

Time: 9:15 AM

  • Chronological narrative, motivation, and vision.
    15 minutes each

  • Orcanauts: What is your understanding of the purpose of the Orcanaut community? How did you arrive at this understanding?

  • Sonar Labs: Why did SL instigate the Orcanauts? Why start a DAO, a community?

Time: 9:50 AM

  • Next Steps / Closing
  • Meet again, next week at the same time.
  • I am going to follow-up with some pre-work for next week’s meeting, and will drop the results

Notes by cryptohun3y