[NOTES] Pod Lead Sync 22 Mar 2022

What: Pod lead weekly sync
When: 2022-03-22T13:00:00Z
Who: aia, Appt Pupil, Chun, Orlando, PostArchitekt



  • Approval thresholds for pod transactions have been increased (see pod pages for current thresholds).
  • hello@orcanauts.community and navigator@orcanauts.community have been set up.
    • If other pods require a mailbox, reach out to Chun.
  • A channel is created for handing over links to internal docs and recordings to include in meeting notes: #:recycle:-internal-media-links
  • More server changes coming utilizing guild.xyz features more.


  • Some concerns and frustrations expressed by pod leads:
    • Too many delays seem to popup each time that someone wants to do something
    • Sense of lack of clarity around Orcanaut operations brings up concerns around starting things that will either go uncompensated or unused after ratifying the charter.
    • Sense of lack of transparency from SL and potential hindrances this might lead to.
  • With current blockers, Appt Pupil will pause working on X1 until clarity is reached
    • Note: Pupil will still fulfill pod lead duties.

What’s next?

  • Looking for more input on last step of X1 Pod Discussion around domains
  • Appeal for feedback from Orcanauts (and SL) as things are going now
  • Discussion around findings will take place Tuesday 5 April 9:00 AM ET

Other notes:

  • Appt Pupil is out of pod next week
    • Will still run the gov-naut sync on Thursday