[NOTES] Gov-naut sync 7 Apr 2022

What: Weekly gov-naut sync
When: 2022-04-07T21:00:00Z
On stage: Appt Pupil, Gaian, Daryl Edwards, Chun, Mattyy


Main question

  • How does the tea time process affect gov-nauts X1 now?

  • Anytime there is a recalibration or adjustment of something important, it should have implications on the work being done

  • Estimated impact of Tea Time Process on gov-naut workstreams:

    • Least impacted: Treasury Management
    • Impacted: DAO pain point survey
    • Highly impacted: Metagovernance
  • Given these impacts, adjustments might need to be made to these workstreams to not clash with aims and domains of other pods or Sonar Labs

    • The intentions for these workstreams, however, will remain the same
  • Work done on these X1 workstreams will largely be paused

  • Not forgetting the work that has been done up to this point with regards to compensation

    • This is important to set a tone that when people are making good faith efforts to get things done, they should not feel exposed to the risk of not being rewarded or recognized for their work

If anything is missing or inaccurate, please reply so I can correct it.