[NOTES] Community Call 22 April 2022

What: Community Call
When: 2022-04-22T15:00:00Z
On stage: dendrons, Chase, Dan, John, Julz, PostArchitekt, Appt Pupil, Chun, Cadena, frogmonkee, Gaian



  • SL = Sonar Labs
  • ON = Orcanauts
  • AD = Aims and domains


  • Sonar Labs
  • Nav-naut
    • No work sync and no Portside event Tuesday
  • Gov-naut
    • Tuesday (26 April) at 12 PM ET there will be a call around compensation
    • Progress on gov-naut aims and domains on this week’s gov-naut sync
  • Art-naut
    • Inbound interest from an NFT project that could lead to interesting opportunities

Aims and Domains

  • Today’s goals:
    • Settle on AD (while acknowledging that these can still change in the future)
    • Agree on overall structure for Orca (SL + ON)
    • Find general agreement on ON purpose statement
  • When that’s done:
    • Resource allocation discussions
    • Go into the logistics of implementing all this

AD of SL

  • Protocol
    • Aim: Build software to enable post within DAOs
    • Domains: Smart contracts, core UX, user onboarding (BD)
  • Communications
    • Aim: Create and curate resources to make pods easy for DAOs to implement
    • Domains: Orca Protocol branding, product resources, content

Domains within ON (WIP)

  • Gov-naut
    • Pod sensemaking, internal governance support, metagovernance, ON treasury management
  • Nav-naut
    • ON documentation, contributor tooling research/ development, contributor health, onboarding and guiding Cadets, ON social events, moderating Discord and Discourse
  • Art-naut
    • Surfing on Entropy, POAP creation, podcast, onboarding voyage, managing ON brand assets
  • Dev-naut
    • Develop tooling and integrations for self-service Orca adoptees, technical support ON initiatives

AD of Source pod

  • Aim: Facilitate flow of information and coordination across pods
  • Domains: Home-finding, information flow

Unclear/ Homeless Domains

  • Ownership of Discord, Discourse, etc.
  • Work related to internal organizational design
    • E.g., governance charter, aims and domains, on-chain structure
  • Domains that are currently in a gray area can be seen as part of an exercise moving forward
    • The goal today is not to precisely define AD, nor would that be productive
    • As the Orca ecosystem grows, domains will pop up and hopefully find a home outside of SL


  1. Each pod to allot time during their pod sync to ratify their own AD
  2. Iterate over ON purpose statements (async, if needed)
  3. Think on how content should be treated across SL and ON
  4. Move on to the logistics of setting this all up!

If anything is missing or inaccurate, please reply so I can correct it.


Thanks again for excellent notes.

There will be no Nav-naut work sync meeting either, unless you are holding it yourself.

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Edited! Thank for the call out.