[NOTES] Community Call 18 Mar 2022

What: Community Call
When: 2022-03-18T15:00:00Z
Who: Appt Pupil, Chase, chakra, cryptohun3y, dallascat, Daryl, dendrons, gresshaa, itsdanwu, julz, PostArchitekt, Chun


Server updates:

  • Pruning members who are not participating meaningfully this week
  • New channel #๐Ÿ†™-tldr is used to post notes from meetings and general updates on progress

Pod updates:

  • Gov-naut
    • Exploring analytics
    • Treasury management has a proposal that is being hashed out
    • Scheduled some interviews for DAO pain points survey
    • Finalizing draft of token stewardship principles
    • Creating draft for the metagov lifecycle workflow and mechanics
  • Art-naut
    • Onboarding story being worked on
    • Developing detailed task list for Surfing on Entropy
  • Nav-naut
    • Tested Clarity
    • Working on X1 scope
    • Cleaning up nav-naut docs next
    • Next nav-naut social featuring Han from guild.xyz
  • Dev-naut
    • Set up GitHub for projects and research
    • Next is setting up task board with research topics

Orcanaut Identity Project:

  • We all got re-grounded by revisiting the original survey results
  • Reviewed current mood board and reflected on how well it represented the results of the survey
  • Latest logos
  • Whatโ€™s not working?
    • Maybe too cartoonish and not sure if it reflects having knowledge and expertise
    • Does not represent hard-working, reliable and intelligent
  • What is working?
    • An element of movement that plays off the Orca brand more broadly
    • Coordination between the relational of two characters
    • Possibly have the Orca be a ship with people inside of it

X1 Pod Discussion:

  • Exercise on Wednesday went very well
  • Let it all sink in for a few days!

Whatโ€™s next?

If anything is missing or inaccurate, please let me know so I can correct it.