[NOTES] Community Call 15 Apr 2022

What: Community Call
When: 2022-04-15T15:00:00Z
On stage: PostArchitekt, Dendrons, Appt Pupil, Gaian, Chun, John, Dan, Julia, Chase


  • SL = Sonar Labs
  • ON = Orcanauts
  • AD = Aims and Domains



  • Sonar Labs
  • Orcanauts
    • Nav-naut: Portside with Orcanauts event success and onboarding focus
    • Gov-naut: open to support in expanded private beta, callout for gov-naut members to signal interest in any of the roles as described in the governance charter
    • Art-naut: onboarding voyage and video podcast series focused

Source Pod Exploration

  • Serves to answer the question: “How do we communicate?”
  • The source pod is a pod that has both members from SL and ON.

Aims and Domains (AD)

  • Serves to answer the question: “What do we work on and how?”
  • Worth considering to frame current AD work as the interim AD
    • Clarity around relationship between SL and ON is critical in finalizing AD discussion
    • AD is a blocker for gov-naut X1 activities
    • AD and purpose of ON are tightly linked so it is hard to talk about them separately
  • End-to-end definition of AD is a huge task, so a smaller step could be to ratify AD of SL first and then push out domains to ON, then build from there
    • This way, we don’t start from scratch for all pods and it can be done as an ongoing process

Gov-naut Sense Making

  • Referring to the FigJam, the ON pod that is most blocked currently is gov-naut; other pods have a fairly well-defined AD
    • Consideration to ratify the AD for pods we are generally comfortable with and then iterating over the pods that are unclear
  • To talk about gov-naut more in depth, next weeks gov-naut sync can be used to further this discussion (21 April, time TBD)
    • (Provided that enough people from other pods and SL members are available to not isolate this discussion)

Orcanaut Purpose Check-in

  • (Note: We went around to give each member on stage speaking time. Names are omitted on purpose. If you would like to have your name attached to a statement, please say so in a reply.)
  • Question: “Based on the past two weeks of Tea Time; what do you feel the purpose of the Orcanauts should be?”
  • ON as pioneers of the pod model in a self-managing organization
    • In this, SL can be the mission control to ON’s space station, where SL is the entity that is firmly planted on the ground, assisting ON in exploring a new environment.
  • ON as a receptacle for domains that will be off-loaded from SL. Some domains require swift action, but as the ecosystem grows and matures, some of these can be pushed into the ecosystem (in order of least to most critical domains)
  • ON and SL as symbiotic bodies of the Orca ecosystem
    • The broad picture is not to fully decentralize; there is a role for both SL and ON even at maturity
  • ON as a self-managing organization to bring the vision of Orca to life
    • An important step of this is to build up the required knowledge and skills to be a capable partner to SL
    • That way, ON will be able to play a larger role in the ecosystem
  • ON <> SL as combining the best of both worlds (self managing org and company)
    • Reconciliation and strengthening this relationship is critical and requires clear AD; resource allocation can be done more regularly and with more certainty if they can be done directly within the context of a domain
  • Purpose: Orcanauts are here to tell the story of Orca Protocol through the Development of Governance Parterships in Orientation, Code and Content
  • Purpose: We are here to tell the story of Orca Protocol through the Development of Governance, Orientation, Partnerships, Code, and Content
  • Recognition that lots of work in ON is not directly seen (such as tool experimentation)
  • When ON is more public facing, it is important to remember where we are now and where we are heading
    • Community engagement is a big component of this with lots of manual labor
  • As ON grows to become a self-managing org, or a DAO, ON should be prepared and guided in this transition
    • Big part of this, is being knowledge of the Orca products and integrations as they roll out
  • Level of maturity in dealing with existing tensions is very impressive as it’s not something that communities always handle very well
  • Self-managing organizations are not easy; problems never go away, they just get deeper
    • But with the right approach, we will move to a healthy state of addressing tensions rather than live on the fringes of gmi-or-ngmi

What’s Next?

If anything is missing or inaccurate, please reply so I can correct it.

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