[NOTES] Community Call 1 Apr 2022

What: Governance Charter Objections Discussion
When: 2022-04-01T15:00:00Z
On stage: Aia, Chase, Chun, Dan Wu, Dendrons, Gaian, John, Julia, PostArchitekt



  • Next week Sonar Labs will have two new members
    • frogmonkee; governance engineer/ researcher
    • Mike; senior front-end engineer

General thoughts

  • Moving forward, it would be cool to get more Orcanauts involved in Orca FM (Orca’s Twitter Space)
  • Good way to open up governance convos
  • These spaces are more casual compared to long-form, edited podcasts that are planned by PostArchitekt
  • Lorecraft is worth exploring more to grow community culture beyond vibes
  • Shoutout to @aia for OrcaBot2 and the /tldr command!

Identity project

  • Gaian created variations on logos
  • Request for async comments/ thoughts on these variations
  • (File is duplicated and moved to Sonar Labs Figma space due to subscription limitations)

Governance charter

  • Reviewed the final changes made to the charter

Tea time

  • Tuesday 5 April 9:00 AM ET
  • Nav-naut request to add funding proposal as talking point
  • Majority prefers in-house facilitation of the conversation
  • Doing it in-house helps built the muscle to deal with tension and gives people the opportunity to grow facilitation skills
  • If the tensions turns out to be too difficult to resolve, then we will explore external solutions, but so far things are going well enough to try in-house first
  • Potential facilitators (depending on availability): cryptohun3y, Gaian, Daryl Edwards

What’s next?

  • Governance chart will be posted on the forum, while Orcanaut knowledge base is being create
  • Check availability of tea time facilitation candidates (at most two)
  • Moving to aims and domains next week

If anything is missing or inaccurate, please reply so I can correct it.

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