Nav-naut Q3 Request for Funding

Nav-naut Q3 Request for Funding


Helping community members navigate the Orca ecosystem, ensuring a healthy contributor base, and empowering contributor mobility and success.

Q2 Snapshot

Resources allocated: 6.75 ETH (~12,000 USD)

Resources spent in Q2: 4.5 ETH (~8000 DAI)

Resources remaining: 2.25 ETH (~4000 DAI)

Contributor Experience

Deliverables Completed in Q2:

  • Contributor Value Creation Map v1.0
  • Dinghy Call MVP
  • UX improvements in discord
  • Define the Navigator Role and Value Proposition
  • Moderation of discord, welcoming in introduction channel, navigating
  • Host weekly Portside with the Orcanauts, founder demos and internal community discussions

Planned Deliverables for Q3:

  • Navigator Playbook Outline
  • Dinghy Calls as needed, will start regular schedule Q4

Resource Requirement for Q3: 1.3 ETH (USD 1400)

DAO Tooling

Deliverables Completed in Q2:

  • Bots and Integrations: discord, clickup
  • Tool Comparison for Knowledge Management

Planned Deliverables for Q3:

  • Bots and Integrations:, contributor database

Resource Requirement for Q3: .55 ETH (USD 600)

Knowledge Management

Deliverables Completed in Q2:

  • Contributor Profile Database
  • ClickUp Implementation and Training

Planned Deliverables for Q3:

  • KPI Dashboard MVP for Community/Contributor Health and Navigator Effectiveness
  • Continue to add profiles to our Contributor Database

Resource Requirement for Q3: 1.9 ETH (USD 2000)

Total Requested for Q3: 3.75 ETH (USD 4000)

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