Making making decisions easier

Playing around a little with ways to bring our decision making processes as described in the charter more to the forefront. Dumping ideas here.

This is mostly for decision making within a pod.

1. Decision Making Map
Not every decision ends up needing a proposal

It’s in the BigJam:

2. Operations vs Policy Wizard
Helper for new contributors to see if they need a proposal
It’s basically just a tally form: Decision Making Wizard

3. Contributor Help Command
A Discord command that people can run to bring up some useful links
Maybe something like /decide could bring up:
Screen Shot 2022-05-09 at 17.25.43

4. Step by Step Forum Categories
Create subcategories in the ‘Proposals’ category for each step in the proposal writing process

Curious if others have ideas.


Couple more links that are going to helpful here:

Thanks @wgow !

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Love seeing this. Decisions are an atomic unit of governance, as we should look to make them as effective, efficient, high quality, and compliant to our adventure-vision as possible.

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