Implementation and Onboarding Sociocratic Tools in Orca - Ideas

After sharing the following on the discord thread: Discord
…I realized a piece of this tension I’m sitting with could be resolved through leaning into what the implementation and onboarding of sociocratic tools within the organization can look like beyond the governance charter (if and when it is consented to) and creating space for that. I love that there is a general aim to implement sociocratic tools and would love for there to be support in putting them into practice/pod realities. So here goes (resources and ideas):

First and foremost - this article: How to implement sociocracy - a roadmap: How to implement sociocracy - a roadmap - Sociocracy For All
In it, it is highly recommended for there to be an implementation circle and a training plan for the organization. I would recommend that there is a pod focused on the human integration and training of sociocratic tools to both the Orcanauts and Sonar Labs (this could be gov-naut, but at this point I think it may be a separate temporary pod so that gov-naut can focus on its current workstreams?) - perhaps socionaut?
Paltry attempted draft of an aim/domain (probably needs some work to make it more Orca)
Aim: Provide implementation support for integration and application of the governance charter + sociocratic tools
Domain: Trainings and Implementation Support/Review of the Governance Charter/Sociocratic Tools

Training will be important as stated in this article: - one of the top 3 struggles for sociocratic organizations is not enough training on governance. As Jerry Koch-Gonzalez (one of the co-founders of Sociocracy for All) says, “Sociocracy does not need strong leaders. It needs strong followers.” Thus - training + practice are v important! Thinking further to align with the governance charter…what could minimum viable training structure look like? (so we don’t halt the processes already in motion throughout the org, but rather complement and enrich)

On the training side: I’m a big fan of both Sociocracy for All: Sociocracy Training - Sociocracy For All and Sociocracy 3.0: Sociocracy 3.0 Academy Courses and Trainings
And I’m no Ted Rau, but I’ll reiterate my offer to the organization/community in leading or collaborating on some sort of trainings/role plays/Q+a’s/demos as I have a fair amount of experience in sociocratic circles and experience on the implementation/training side as well. I’ll invite anyone to reach out to me as well if you have questions about specific pieces/tools/concepts and/or just want to geek out on sociocracy/self-managing governance tools.
Curious to see where this goes…


Sorry it has taken so long to reply to this. With the governance issues that have come up, intentional or otherwise, my attention has not gone to my personal interests as much, feeling that I should make the choices that support the community best.

I love your offer, and I think it may be a nav-naut issue in fact. Org-naut was more outward facing and nav-nauts aim is to “encourage Orcanaut comfort in the creation of value.” I personally believe that living and experiencing forms of decentralized government will directly support that, and that the current organization has the space for it more than it may seem.

I think the biggest reasons it doesn’t seem like it is too little is memorialized, and with the governance charter moving into ratification, and hopefully being lived, there will start to be a lot more information easily accessible to help people understand the whats and the whys of the organization. The good “vibe” has made it easy for me to trust the right things are happening or being attempted, but transparency allows everyone to “get it,” or choose to express an alternative perspective which may be invaluable to the organization. From that perspective, I think transparency is HUGE, and something to be leaned into as much as reasonably possible.

Doing so does come up against our cultural training however, and somethings really are better kept under wraps until the right time. Like all relationship based experience sensitivity to timing is a lot. However, until we realize that our training has us tend to lean in the “wrong” direction I think we are all better off erring on the side of more transparency and inclusion.

What will it take for you to feel that we’d love to learn more explicitly about sociocracy?

I am curious too, how wed you are to needing Sociocracy practice to be an explicit reason for you to want to show up more fully, vs. are you comfortable of stepping more consciously with all of us into what is truly the unknown, and frequently referred to as an ‘experiment.’ I ask because although I do believe we are aiming at Decentralized Governance, I don’t think being explicitly attached to, versus learning from, Sociocracy will best serve us.

In my life experience, Consensus/Consent based organizing has always assumed in person realtionships, and we don’t have that here. It really isn’t the same feel in that way for any of us.

A great article I read today that speaks to the point I am trying to make in my penultimate paragraph much better than I ever could.