How about being less ad hoc in our voting

There are plugins for Discourse.

Better in my mind than what we’ve been doing here of in Discord.


Curious what discussions have come up that warrant a “forum vote” as you’re suggesting

Our Governance Charter vote was very ad hoc, and similar with some votes, not just picking meeting times, in the Discord server. In the lore of ‘emergence’ that is a part of the community, there has been a conscious choice to not try and make things ‘perfect’ right away. The downside is that some simple structural practices are only now coming into existence, but I trust in perfect timing.

I think another piece of Orca Community Lore, is that we are growing more like a living organism, than a focused business endeavor. Doing so has allowed for a very human culture, and appreciation of that, while being a lot less efficient for “getting isht done.” A trade off I believe we are making in the right direction, so as not to simply fall into old habits from prior organizational experience. Even as we get more focused and organized, I expect with our commitment to decentralized governance, we will always be less efficient in time, but hopefully more efficient in building anticapture resilience.

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This conversation essentially leads us to create a process where we define what “things” require a “simple vote” (discord polling, forum votes) vs let’s say some type of “formal vote” (snapshot if applicable etc).

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The Discourse Voting plugin seems to be only for self-hosted instances. But Discourse natively supports polls, which can be gated with roles (just requires some manual role maintenance). Would seem to work very similar to the voting plugin with the right settings, which we can write simple guides for.

Haven’t looked into limitations of polls vs the voting plugin tho.

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We could also experiment with a murmur style proposal flow in Discourse with categories and subcategories.

Pros of doing it in Discourse:

  • Prevents us from using another platform
  • More flexibility of context setting in pinned messages
  • Fit the proposal flow better to Orcanauts’ naturally emerging workflow


  • Requires more manual labor in maintaining roles

I’ve started to experiment with some subcategories. Happy to show what I mean in more detail.

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