Governance Geek Conversation

Today I brought up an agenda item of Governance Geek Conversations as a part of our Community Call. Orcanauts and Sonar Labs has the reputation of being governance geeks, based on the inspiring communication coming out of Sonar Labs.

My desire was to suggest and seek ways in which we can actually show our governance geekiness as a part of community. Since we are all together literally creating something new in terms of human organizational behavior, I think we are losing value by not having these conversations as a part of our general “research.”

I was also trying to tie it back to an earlier idea of curating content on governance with an eye to dynmaic (Sociocratic like,) governance for which we could be become a resource in the larger community. In addition, it is easy to imagine such dialogue becoming inspiration for SL communication and eventually Orcanaut communication to the larger community.

When I included SL as participants, I think the request was heard more in the context of community building. That would be good, too, and @Appt_Pupil pointed out how inspiring more general dialogue with the right questions could easily feed into the Nav-naut desire to learn more about contributors, and future contributors. An idea that Nav-naut had not had by itself, but showcase’s the value of more wider dialogue among the whole Orca community.

The intent is not for it to be another task to do, but to share valuable ideas and information here in the community server not simply on Twitter from SL’s side, and to engage in deeper conversation than tweets allow for. These kinds of conversations will definitely draw more people to the community over time, and ground the reality of us being governance geeks as a community into something substantive.

Reviewing the Research Category on Discord, I think if it were participated in by a larger part of the community, both as initiators, and respondents, that I would not have felt the need to create the agenda item.

Simply looking at the Research Category shows we have one topic with 5 replies, one topic with 3 replies, two with 2 replies, and the rest 1 reply, or no reply. Clearly people aren’t feeling like participating.

So, my question to each of you individually is why? Why aren’t you interested in participating in this research oriented dialogue if we are all a part of a community literally doing something new in its explicit implementation for how humanity organizes itself to create value and get useful work done. (If you are not willing to reply here in Discourse, I hope you will at least reply to me in a DM. I will hold anything you share with me in complete confidence.)

I know without doubt that we are all losing by not having more of this conversation among us all. And, I hope that we don’t only feel the need to have these types of conversations in the context of the “work” of getting things done. Or, maybe it is simply that our reputation is a facade, and we are not really governance geeks as a community at all. If that is the case, I will simply let go of the desire.


I love the idea @aia - I personally come across a ton of interesting things and wouldn’t mind diving a level or two deeper with the community.

Governance structure/process/protocols and tokenomics are all things I love discussing.

I’m happy to start sharing in the Research category if I have a particular stream of consciousness / thesis I’d like to share on a given topic.

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this is sort of my take on increasing engagement in general. I think creating more space for lower forms of communication, will help build the cadence of communication and hopefully let new members ramp up gradually.

I agree that its important to create space and organization memory around thoughtful governance discussion, but we also should recognise people have different communication styles. I would definitely say I fall into the lurker architype, especially in forums, which is why I typically gravitate toward discord as i feel more comfortable with short form communication.

That being said, I think getting more chatter going in discord will also help create more stickyness for new members to start contributing to the conversations which will create a positive feedback loop.