Gov-naut X1 compensation proposal

Gov-naut members: please review the below proposal and vote for whether you consent or object to the proposal.

Part 1: Allocate points for compensation purposes to Orcanauts participating in X1 activities from its approval through 2022-04-26 as follows:

Appt Pupil - 36
DarylEdwards - 23
PostArchitekt - 15
Brunny - 13
angerednapkin - 11
aia - 8
Cadena - 5
dendrons - 2
Gaian - 2

Part 2: Distribute 1.15 ETH in total from the gov-naut treasury to each member at a rate of 0.01 ETH per point, resulting in the following distributions:

Appt Pupil - 0.36 ETH
DarylEdwards - 0.23 ETH
PostArchitekt - 0.15 ETH
Brunny - 0.13 ETH
angerednapkin - 0.11 ETH
aia - 0.08 ETH
Cadena - 0.05 ETH
dendrons - 0.02 ETH
Gaian - 0.02 ETH

Important notes:

  • A separate proposal will be put forward for pre-X1 compensation, as the intent is to use other resources to fund that compensation.
  • The intent is that once remaining X1 activities are completed, we will then distribute the rest of the 6 ETH gov-naut X1 grant (4.85 ETH). This will be allocated so that the points earned above and the points earned in remaining X1 activities receive equal compensation. (For example, if 185 points are earned in remaining X1 work, the sum total of all points earned for gov-naut X1 work would be 300 points. We would distribute an additional 0.01 ETH / point for the points earned from X1 start to 2022-04-26. We would also distribute 0.02 ETH / point for points earned after 2022-04-26 until X1 completion. Thus, all points would have received a total of 0.02 ETH / point, resulting a in a full distribution of the 6 ETH gov-naut X1 grant.)
  • We will calculate the points earned for the remaining X1 activities upon X1 completion.

Background information:

Basis for the point allocations for X1 activities through 2022-04-26:
10 points - Pod lead / facilitator
Appt Pupil
7 points - Work stream lead
DAO pain points survey
Appt Pupil
Appt Pupil (3)
Brunny (4)
Treasury Management
6 points - Frequently participating members (2+ meetings)
Appt Pupil
2 points - Participating members (1 meeting)
4 points - Meeting recordings
5 points - workstream task
Drafted interview question template - DarylEdwards
Created spreadsheet for tracking DAO pain point interviews - angerednapkin
Shared resources for tools on DAO data gathering - Brunny
Drafted facilitation format and questions for treasury management work - DarylEdwards
Conducted DAO pain point survey interviews - PostArchitekt, Appt Pupil
Designing concept point based systems with signficant role inclusion - Cadena, aia

  • Consent
  • Object

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Fantastic breakdown, ty Pupil


Looks like we have consent! :tada: