Gov-naut governance documentation needs

Ask of gov-naut members and others interested in this topic - please provide input on gov-naut governance documentation needs before our next gov-naut sync meeting on 2022-06-02 21:00 UTC.

Per our 2022-05-27 gov-naut sync meeting, I am kicking off this thread to gather input on what needs we have in regards to documentation beyond what is in the overall governance charter. As a suggestion, I recommend we consider this along the following lines:

  • Are there any elements of the governance charter we wish to deviate from, and if so, what differences do we wish to make and why?
  • Are there any elements of the governance charter we wish to elaborate on, and if so, what elaborations are needed and why?
  • Are there any other aspects related to our work not explicitly addressed by the charter that would be helpful to address, and if so, what needs to be addressed and why?

Feel free to of course structure your input in whatever way works best for you, including preferences on how we should do things, references to other materials we may want to borrow from, and/or pointers to materials already created.


We didn’t have any items on the immediate docket, so we will leave this thread up for future tensions identified related to this.

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