Feedback orca-source.pod

As described in the source pod ratification proposal, this week we start to review how the current parameters feel.

This review period is to evaluate how the proposed settings feel, especially, but not limited to:

  • Having no pod admin
  • Proposal threshold of 7/10
  • Pod duration

I may be wrong, but since we have scant resources, and have not even gone through a full resource allocation cycle, I think this review is premature. We just don’t have the experience to do it.

However, it is a timely check in if someone felt something was off/wrong. So, I support the process as a Check-In, to see if anyone believes anything is broken.

The initial statement is in the context of the stated purpose of this review cycle quote below.

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Yeah. I think of this week as a check-in period. Unless there are things that seems broken and need to be immediately addressed, most likely I will suggest that we set a longer date for the next review to get more data points.

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Concur on the above. No immediate concerns, and I’d suggest that we plan to look at this again about a week or 2 before Q4 resourcing kicks off. My reasoning for that timing suggestion is that if there are any issues with source pod configuration that we fear may cause issues with the resourcing discussion, we should try to address those in advance.


That makes a lot of sense.