Community Conversation Questions

GM Questions

@zkchun made a request for GM questions that was lost in Discord here is a link to the thread: Discord

Community Engagement Questions

This topic is a place for people to respond with their ideas for community engagement questions that we could use to inspire community conversation.

I believe the idea included a separate channel, or was it thread, be used to hold responses to the “Community Question”.

Too, I am not sure if it would be a daily, or a weekly topic, but I personally would lean towards the longer time frame to give people a chance to actually think about it and give a heartfelt response. Weekly would provide more time for real conversation to happen as well, but still be short enough to be close to top of mind.

I like this idea for community building, but am not personally committed to it as yet. Nav-naut may take this on with some more thought and time, to offer a more complete proposal about it. So, I have little attachment to whether or not, questions are offered by anyone at this time.

I do think this is a good place to discuss the idea more for those interested, and any questions supplied here I am sure will likely be used, if we choose to explore this route.


Thanks for creating this.

When it was brought up during the comm call, I actually thought of it as simply migrating the !gm questions from the gm channel to–for example–scuttlebutt and giving it a different command.

However, I really like the idea of having a weekly topic! It could also nicely lineup with the community call to maybe summarize some of the interesting things that came up around that topic. That said, I think this would work best in a dedicated channel.


The notion of a weekly topic that we use to engage the Discord and then prompt discussion on the community call is an excellent suggestion! We could then migrate those conversations to the forum here to preserve what we learn and allow the conversations to continue as desired, while keeping the Discord more focused to foster community-building through a targeted conversation.

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This could create an interesting mood graph over time.

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Totally. Tracking contributor “mood” came up as something worth trying actually a while back iirc.