Artnauts-X1 Mutual Value Proposal

This proposal presents an opportunity for Orca Protocol, the Orcanauts, and the community to expand the use cases for pods and their fractal structures. It clarifies ongoing discussions and roadmaps within the Orcanaut community using member Post Architekt’s project called Surfing on Entropy as a catalyst for achieving Orcanauts X1 milestones. By generating concise guides and structures around governance, tokenomics, and DAO2DAO partnerships, the Orcanauts advance with a direct experience with DAOs versus theoretical implementations. This is a key priority for creating better frameworks for DAOs that we work with and those that might be DAO curious in the future.

Current State

As part of the community discussions involving possible opportunities for the Orcanauts to share their design knowledge with other DAOs, there have been some concerns around our experience with the pods and DAO governance. This project would guide us towards a provable knowledge base and a track record within the DAO space. It would also give us real world governance structure templates needed for other DAO partnerships by:

  • Creating a beneficial path towards compensation and DAO2DAO partnerships
  • Driving the Orcanauts and community to actively use internal governance structures
  • Developing more empathy towards other DAOs and their pain points and concerns (*Govnaut-X1 DAO Pain Points)


Surfing On Entropy and its intellectual property is a natural extension of Orca Protocol’s current beta onboarding experience. This unique story is intended to be intertwined with multiple NFT collections, content, and environment creation across its multi-phase releases. This project maintains a long term commitment for the community by creating a lasting UVP. This unique value relies on the design of specific environments around token structures and NFTs as access to the story world and community.

Post Architekt DAO has interest from other DAOs and platforms about possible grant opportunities—to reach the necessary requirements for future grants, Post Architekt requests services provided by the Orcanauts. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Orca Protocol Pods
  • Governance, Gamification, and Tokenomics solutions (*Govnaut-X1 Metagovernance)
  • Development of NFT smart contracts (*Devnaut-X1)
  • Community input and guidance (*Emerging Nav-naut Project Onboarding & Orientation)

The Post Architekt DAO would be responsible for providing the verifiable data to organize and build better DAO experiences for its members and the Orcanauts community. The information generated is mutually beneficial in the following ways:

  • Functioning framework to expand our collective knowledge through creative experiences
  • Comprehensible and unbiased data
  • Instructional processes to establish and realize underlying patterns

Mutual Value Proposition for Partnership

This proposal would allocate the necessary resources and knowledge for the Orcanauts and Post Architekt to partner together with a multitude of DAO2DAO partnerships for mutual value creation via the value cycle (value create > value distributed > value realize <). It would map potential pod structures within smaller community driven projects that would be utilized by Orcanauts in future DAO alliances and scaling pods to larger organization structures. Surfing On Entropy lays a solid foundation for our DAO2DAO relationship experience and should be included as part of X1 milestones:

  • Compose Orcanauts partnership with the Post Architekt pod organization
  • Define the financial incentive structure across both organizations (*Govnaut-X1 Metagovernance)
  • Map phase transition structures with pods that assist in creating templates needed for DAO growth
  • Design tokenomics and governance blueprints from direct experience (*Govnaut-X1 Metagovernance)

Post Architekt requests the skillset of the Orcanauts and in return will provide an agreed upon term of financial compensation that encompasses the mutual value proposition. These terms will incorporate governance structures and the pod environment created by Orca Protocol.

The general diagram of what this environment structure with grants might look like is this:

  • Create an external DAO that each of partners or stakeholders has voting rights in
  • Design a model that incorporates the shared values and resources among the partners
  • Distribute value to partners through tokenomic structures during the value cycle
  • Realize benefits and pitfalls of current design mechanics and structures


The suggested compensation would be from the resources allocated to the Orcanauts for X1 milestones grant in the amount of 4 ETH. 4 ETH would be distributed within 5 days to PostArchitekt.eth for the creation of value in the Surfing On Entropy IP and dedicated commitment towards realizing these X1 milestones for Orcanauts and Orca Protocol. The value distributed back to Orcanauts would be a posteriori and also accompanying digital assets from Osiris DAO and Post Architekt, et al. (e.g. NFTs, tokens, or cryptocurrency). These NFTs and tokens would be held for an agreeable timeline. This timeline would consolidate all parties into the mutual value proposition that has the most opportunities for all partners.

This proposal is not a commitment for partnerships to be a part of the full release cycle as presented in the Surfing On Entropy pitch deck. This is for a requested time through at least the beta release cycle. At which time the partnerships can reevaluate the data and commitments by the partners in the value cycle for Protocol 1.