Art-naut Request For Funding - Q3 2022 (Revised)


Craft Orcanaut brand and content to service their needs and broader mission in the ecosystem

Q2 Snapshot

Resources allocated to PostArchitekt.eth: 4 ETH ($10600)
Resources allocated to Art-naut: 2 ETH ($5300)
Resources spent in Q2: 5.5 ETH
Resource depreciation Q2 PostArchitekt.eth : - 2.64 ETH (-44%)
Resources remaining: .5 ETH (.5 recently added)


Deliverables Completed in Q2:

  • Surfing On Entropy MVP
    • Design: UX/UI, Narrative, NFT, Content
    • Content Development
  • Onboarding Voyage MVP
  • Almost finished Chapter 1 Onboarding Voyage

Planned Deliverables for Q3:

  • • Onboarding Voyage Chapter 1
    • Modulates 0-5
      • Incorporating Web3 story game elements for onboarding Cadets
  • Onboarding Voyage Chapter 2
    • Modulates 0-5
      • Incorporating Web3 story education on Pods

Resource Requirement for Q3: 4 ETH ($4800)

Total Resource Requirement for Q3: 4 ETH ($4800)

Branding/Content (Commissioned)

Deliverables Completed in Q2:

  • ID Proposal (Cryptohun3y)
  • Design: POAPs, Logo

Planned Deliverables for Q3:

Podcast - 4 episodes: 2 ETH ($2400)

  • Podcast Per Episode .5 ETH ($600)

  • Podcast Host - .25 ETH ($300)

  • Podcast Editor- .166 ETH ($200)

  • Podcast Post Production (Sound Design, Final Mix) - .1 ETH ($100)

  • ON Digest - 4 Editions 2 ETH ($2400)

    • ON Digest Per Edition ($600)
    • Lead Curator - .25 ETH ($200)
    • Assistant Curator - .1 ETH ($100)
    • Digest Writer - .166 ETH ($200)
    • Digest Designer .1 ETH ($100)

Resource Requirement for Q3: 4 ETH ($4800)

Q3 Request Summary

Pod Lead Allocation: 2.66 ETH ($3200)
Total Resource Requirement for Q3:10.66 ETH
Resources Requested: 10.16 ETH


so my opinion is that art-naut is biting off more than they can chew and this is too much money to be allocated this quarter. This is basically requesting twice the funding of other pods.

My opinion would be to de-prioritize the narrative domain on the back burn for this quarter, and focus on the branding/content domain

For the branding/content domain from the previous fund distribution there was a mention of a splashpage getting created, do orcanauts still think this is a valuable workstream?

6.5 ETH to to administer the following X1 workstreams:

  • Create content for promotion of key Orcanauts ideas
  • Splash page for the Orcanauts

Thanks for putting this together!

I think it’d be awesome to get a bit more clarity on the Podcast and Orcanaut Digest.

I know the podcast is a discussion that’s been under way for a while, and my apologies for missing out on some of those discussions! But I think for any funding request, it’d be great for us to set a precedent of going into detail for things like podcasts.

Specifically, I’m wondering:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • What type of content is the podcast focused on?
  • What is the duration of the podcast?
  • How will the podcast be distributed (ie how will people find the podcast)?
  • If you split the 12,000 USD budget over all 12 pieces of content (8 podcasts, 4 digests) that would be 1,000 USD per episode. How is that being spent?

Also ‒ given the relatively large price tag (8,000 USD), I wonder if it makes sense to start out with a few episodes (maybe 3), see how they go, and then request funding for additional episodes once we have a better idea of how they go.

I’m super excited to see y’all pursuing this, and is an idea that I know SL is excited for too.

Just a couple questions that come to mind on this:

  • What’s the format of the digest?
  • How long is it?
  • How many people will be working on it?
  • What type of content are you hoping to share?

Again, super excited to see art-naut taking this on ‒ but feels like there are a few tactical things that are important from a cost perspective and also for us to understand what the plan is for the quarter.

I know you might not have all the answers! But having some guesses would be super helpful :slight_smile:

following up on this:

As things currently stand, my opinion is that SOE should not be a target for funding. My concerns are as follows:

  • The scope of SOE is massive and difficult to grasp . SOE is an ambitious plan that potentially can find itself in a state where it can apply for external grants and generate funds through operations. If it’s unable to generate this external funding, the consequence may be that SL will have to provide more funding or leave the project unfunded. The reality is that SL is not in a position to risk having to fund projects of this scope.

  • If SOE is able to secure external funding, I have concerns around the conditions those grants will be given under and if there will be slipover unto SL’s domain of onboarding pod users and supporting on technical implementation needs .

  • I am in support of cross-functional projects, but internal usage of pods has been limited (partially due to zkchun being admin on most pods–this is something we can discuss further). It makes more sense to me for Orcanauts to gain product expertise internally , before tackling community-owned projects that involve pods. By becoming product experts first, ON will be in a better position to stand up projects of this scope without SL product support.

  • There are several other important art-naut domains that, in our assessment, should be prioritized over SOE and that we are ready to make funds available for. Most notably: Orcanaut newsletter and Project Cannoli.

I can’t argue with where you are coming from here.

I can only hope the renewed attempt for ON to get more real experience working with Pods helps make the need for it clear. The recent post by @Appt_Pupil should if it doesn’t.

It’s not just that zkchun has been the Admin. It’s that without any internal economy, and SL grants being relatively recent, there has been no real utility for Pods for actual use internally until fairly recently.

These are great questions @chase!

Whether grant funds, or community generated funds, I encourage the community to be in the habit of being really clear on what we’re allocating the funds for. It helps a lot in creating a measure of accountability, and makes it easier to fully support any request, or give critical feedback as to why we don’t support it as is.


Adjustments have been made to the proposal!

Please locate the document that addresses most of the questions and suggestions above here.

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