Adjourn the org-naut pod

Proposal: Adjourning the Org-naut Pod
Author: @zkchun
Date: 2022-05-04T15:00:00Z
Consent required from: Active org-naut members (@PostArchitekt, @Appt_Pupil)
Consent by: 2022-05-07T21:59:00Z

As suggested in the governance charter, this proposal follows the SOCCR framework.


With aims and domains ratified, we now have better clarity on how to proceed with the organizational structure for Orcanauts. Currently, the org-naut pod is an inactive pod with no commissioned domains. A decision needs to be made on how to handle org-naut’s on-chain presence.


  1. No change: We leave the org-naut pod as is, and evaluate at a later point.
  2. Move to a “drydock” pod: We remove it as a member from and create a new pod for stalling inactive pods.
  3. Add as its only member: We remove it as a member from, remove all current pod members and add as its only member.
  4. Expel it entirely from the organization: We remove it as a member from, remove all current pod members and transfer admin key to the Ethereum burn address.


  • Number of transactions: Any on-chain transaction will cost some gas.
  • Consequences: Possible effects of this approach.


Option Txs Consequences
1. No change None Podarchy would not reflect current agreements
2. Move to “drydock” pod >=4 Keeps org-naut visible but out of the way. Could become a bloated pod over time
3. Swap members with orcanauts.pod >=6 Keeps the pod close and reusable, without it taking space in the podarchy
4. Expel entirely 5 Most complete on-chain cleanup, but we lose the option to reuse this pod


We consulted @John_Sterlacci on Discord and following his suggestion, I recommend option 3.

The process would look as follows:

  • remove as a member from
  • remove all current members from
  • add as a member to
  • transfer the admin key from zkchun.eth to

This has the most transactions, but keeps also the org-naut pod reusable for the future. Additionally, it moves the pod out of the Orcanaut podarchy, which makes it less confusing for outsiders to interpret at first glance.

The time limit for this proposal (2022-05-07T21:59:00Z) is set to be on the shorter side as it has been a discussion topic in several pod lead meetings and on Discord, where we seem to have reached general agreement.

Adjourn the org-naut pod following option 3
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Closing this as consent is given.