A Playbook for Using Impact DAOs to Change the World

Anyone interested in exploring new ways to organize DAOs will find my whitepaper, A Playbook for Using Impact DAOs to Change the World, intriguing.

Abstract: DAOs provide new capabilities for coordination, yet current approaches to governing DAOs are limiting the ability to do so effectively. This paper offers an alternative approach to governing DAOs intended to address gaps in majority-voting governance approaches. It describes the approach in 3 levels of detail, explains important design decisions in a Q&A format, and provides references to key concepts underpinning the approach.

If you’d like to share this outside of the Orcanauts, I encourage to do so using this Mirror post.


A dense but quite profound read. Thank you for the exercise of writing it, and the exercise it creates in reading it.

I do think there is a very valuable template here for certain kinds of organizations to dig into exploring.

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