[3 May 2022] Tea Time Notes

What: Tea time
When: 2022-05-03T20:00:00Z
On stage: aia, Appt Pupil, Cadena, Chase, dendrons, Gaian, John, Julz, Post, zkchun


  1. Quick round of consent to agenda (2 min)
  2. Quick Announcements (3 mins)
    • Creating a Tea Time backlog
      • Chase to create a backlog for general convo topics
    • Final Aims and Domains are published
      • On the forum, excluding dev-naut
  3. [FigJam] What feels important to us around the topic of resource allocation?
    • Add sticky notes (5 mins)
    • Review sticky notes (7 mins)
    • Categorize into critical today and future/nice to have (5 mins)
  4. [FigJam] How might we address those needs?
    • Add sticky notes (5 mins)
    • Review sticky notes (7 mins)
  5. [FigJam] What factors do we need to consider?
    • Add sticky notes (5 mins)
    • Review sticky notes (7 mins)
  6. [FigJam] What would the ideal resource allocation framework be (in your opinion)?
    • Add sticky notes (5 mins)
    • Review + quick reactions (as time permits)


  • What did we do?
    • Alternate between sticky notes and group review
  • How did that go?
    • Great facilitation by Gaian
    • Productive
    • Consider having a consolidation step between brainstorming and distillation
  • What are we doing next?
    1. Tea Time Session #2 on resource allocation
    2. Tokenomics conversation
    3. Backlog of topics to discuss (posted on forum)

After hours

  • Generally, community token is not supposed to have value, but used for an internal system. Not externally traded

    • Based on other communities, a valueless token could be useful
    • Even something like coordinape might suffice
    • Things recorded and interpreted around tokenomics, could be problematic
    • Even if it just so happens that outsiders value the token, we would not create the token for that purpose internally
    • People are conditioned to respond to rewards and recognition
    • With more clarity around tokenomics, developing community would become easier
    • Without that clarity and information it is hard to determine if token options are going to have a massive impact on SL and ON relationship or none
  • Orca ecosystem

    • Things that pull things out of Orca ecosystem makes it sound like SL is the arbiter of what constitutes as the Orca ecosystem
    • In the future there may be a world where ON work very closely with other DAOs
    • Having to examine when resources are allocated to other DAOs or projects, we all need to have alignment for what is valuable to the Orca ecosystem container that we define for ourselves
    • Possibly more of a future thing
    • We’re still in the stage of finding clarity as Orca, which includes SL
      • Things that default to SL domain aren’t necessarily already defined and decided upon
    • Friction from SL being able to delegate more to ON is all contributors of the Orca ecosystem having an understanding and recognition of ON as an organization.
      • If they are, then SL can be a lot more confident in pushing off more domains into the ecosystem and encourage more autonomy
  • Emergence of self-managing orgs in web3

    • Lots of details that go into creating infrastructure of setting up a self-managing organization.
      • Requires a bit of trust to stick with this organic growth.
    • Current things that are up in the air, is not because SL is trying to withhold information or consolidate power
      • SL is also still building and unclear on how some of these processes can work well
    • For SL it is important to start a community relationship as early as possible
    • Lots of projects have a labs team that grows to a bunch of people and then build a community
      • That’s probably not gonna work, because people on the labs team will naturally try to consolidate power, because they are scared of giving autonomy to “random” community members
    • Few projects are doing this kind of close working with community
    • Once we lay a solid foundation of this relationship, we’re in a spot to create docs and best-practices to help other DAOs navigate the same tensions

If anything is missing or inaccurate, please reply so I can correct it.

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