[29 April 2022] Community Call Notes

What: Community Call
When: 2022-04-29T15:00:00Z
On stage: Appt Pupil, dendrons, aia, Gaian, PostArchitekt, Cadena, zkchun, itsdanwu, John Sterlacci, julz.eth, Chase Chapman



  • SL and ON updates
  • Aims and domains
    • Content creation
  • Ways to get involved
  • Tea time feedback


  • Discord API updates
    • Let @zkchun know if commands break in the next few days.
  • Sonar Labs
    • Team away next Friday (6 May 2022), no SL on community call.
    • Tribe governance proposal is live here (This will take you to the Fei Discord server!)
      • Relevance to Orca is that it’s basically to podify their DAO. Ethereum.
  • Gov-naut
    • Made great progress on compensation conversations, with clear next steps.
  • Art-naut
    • Nearly finishing onboarding voyage and progress on SOE.
  • Nav-naut
    • Nearly ready with initial design for dinghy calls.

Aims and Domains

  • Sonar Labs, Gov-naut, Nav-naut, Art-naut
    • All consented
  • Dev-naut
    • Suggestion from Steve to add the following domain:
      • “Iterative experimentation with open-source Orca code with interesting DeGov design mechanisms.”


  • Regarding the topic of content and getting involved:
    • Orca should be the go-to place for DeGov best practices and knowledge.
    • Recognizing that we will have lots of emerging topics, like the home for the domain of content publishing and Orcanauts’ onboarding philosophy, we may need to create a backlog of conversation topics.

Tea Time Feedback

  • Original topic by @gaian can be found here
  • Since facilitation skills are so important in web3, it would be good to create more surface area for people to get exposure to facilitation.
    • Many web3 skills translate to interpersonal skills in the meat space.
  • Growing together is gud and these growth trajectories make for excellent personal content.
    • Nothing is more powerful than offering wisdom to others.


  1. Set up a backlog for Tea Time conversation topics.
  2. Tuesday’s Tea Time (3 May, 16:00 UTC) will be around the source pod and resource allocation.

Would like to leave you with these wonderful words from @gaian:

Just want to name-- As we were initially working through challenging feelings, the tone might have been a turn off for those listening in.

As we are coming out the other side of that, the cohesion we’ve developed is tangible and it is inviting for those considering being involved.

Like any relationship, as we successfully navigate challenges together we develop trust and security. I see this as a critical piece in the culture we are fostering-- Both for us and the larger space.

Kudos on us for doing it.

I also want to thank @julz and @John_Sterlacci specifically for inviting this in and sticking with the process through the growing pains.

If anything is missing or inaccurate, please reply so I can correct it.

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