[2022-06-17] Community Call Notes

What: [[Community Call]]
When: 2022-06-17T15:00:00Z


Agenda items

  • Updates
  • Shoutouts
  • Dinghy review
  • Orcanaut socialware




  • Hugo for stepping up as a new contributor
  • Shoutout to all the Dinghy participants on Tuesday!
    • LizardBrain, DjVex, Jim S
  • Shoutout to those that made the dinghy call happen
    • aia, Jon Simmons, PostArchitekt, Hugo.Thinks
  • Chase for facilitating a ton of wonderful and productive events
  • PostArchitekt for being an all-round, ever-present warrior
  • If I missed any, please drop a reply

Dinghy review

  • Very good beta run
  • Proposal activity in the works
    • Stuff going on in the figjam yay
  • Will need a couple iterations to get things streamlined

Orcanaut socialware


  1. Resource allocation quarterly review soontm

If anything is missing or inaccurate, please reply so I can correct it.