[2022-06-10] Community Call Notes

What: Community Call
When: 2022-06-10T15:00:00Z

Agenda items

  • Updates
  • Dinghy Call launch
  • Topics for governance discussions


  • Trustware vs Socialware: Scaling Trust in DAOs: Trustware vs Socialware — Orca Protocol

  • This week’s Failure Fridays: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1BdxYwQjQwNGX?s=20

  • Art-naut

    • Onboarding voyage being developed
    • SoE MVP being developed
    • Starting new content initiatives for ON
  • Gov-naut

    • Resource allocation/ compensation conversation
    • Pod sense making
    • Metagovernance conversation
      • $OP airdrop
      • To combine with pod sense making of ENS
  • Nav-naut

    • Looking into templating dashboards on Clickup
    • Tuesday’s demo spect.network: project management like Dework and Wonder
      • Task management board to be managed by pod or working group

Shoutouts to

  • Jim S. for showing up on a regular basis!
  • SL for working hard and creating new docs around our processes
  • Post for dealing with Chase spilling coffee during their call
  • Daryl for stewarding the compensation conversation
  • One Army: One Army


  • Tuesday 20:00 UTC, during nav-naut work sync there will be a Dinghy call test run
    • Everyone’s invited!
  • Ideally we have about 5 or 6 people for the test run
  • Dinghy is to onboard and educate Cadets; cohort-style
  • Introductions + short work session
  • Various tasks to accommodate people with different skill sets
  • Activity menu
  • Dinghies are an evolving thing


  • Maybe include brief intro into what pods are
  • Sometimes people expect to be paid for onboarding activities like this
    • Setting expectation to be for learning
    • Not intended for people to get paid for doing the onboarding
  • Include communication for how people could get involved in actual pods
  • No big upfront expectations
    • Being skilled in not enough, maybe we simply don’t have anything to do right now
    • ON pods are demand driven, so not guarantee new Cadets end up in pods soon

Topics for governance discussions

  • Encouraging governance discussion topics and diving into those conversations
  • A weekly governance theme to dig into
  • Learnings can be recapped on community call on Friday
  • Then this can be summarized and transitioned on to the forum
  • Would reduce friction of staring at a blank screen and think of things to talk about
  • Useful to engage in these convos as art-naut thinks about content to turn that into Twitter content or part of a newsletter

Next week’s topic: Guiding principles around governance of OP: Thread on Discord