2022.04.14 gov-naut sync

For today’s gov-naut sync, it would be great to determine how we want to fill the roles mentioned in the governance charter for gov-naut. This includes determining if we want those roles to be fluidly assigned as needed or explicitly assigned to an Orcanaut, as well as how we want to decide to make those assignments. I’ll include a list of roles below for convenience. Anyone else is welcome to contribute topics to the agenda, of course.
Social Roles

Lead keeps the heart of the pod beating ‒ helping track work to be done, help members of a pod stay accountable for responsibilities, and ensure tasks required for the group are properly accounted for. Responsible for ensuring pod’s aim and domain is a reflection of the work the pod is doing (and what is needed). Pod Lead is also responsible for upkeep of pod membership, including stewarding processes for adding new pod members and adjourning membership (outlined in General Frameworks for Pods).
Facilitator sets the agenda for pod meetings, runs pod meetings, and is responsible for stewarding the Gathering Consent process (outlined in General Frameworks for Pods).
Secretary creates meeting notes, ensures proposals and other important content is distributed throughout the pod.
Delegate is a pod member who is also a member of the parent pod (or subpod). Responsible for facilitating communication between the pod and the parent pod and representing pod interests in the parent pod.
Members are active contributors to a pod, responsible for attending meetings, staying up-to-date on tasks and pod-wide initiatives, and collaborating with other pod members to fulfill the purpose of the pod. Members have the right to object in consent-based governance.
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On the call: aia, Appt Pupil, Gaian, PostArchitekt, zkchun

gov-naut role assignment approach:

  • Gaian - Roles need to be tied into the aims and domains conversations. Difficult to conceptualize how this would fit.
  • aia - nav-naut has taken a simplified approach, and feels that lead and delegate should always be separated. Other roles do not need to be assigned at this point.
  • PostArchitekt - art-naut is also seeking to separate the lead and delegate roles.
  • aia - Not sure what the main pod role is at this point and what value is creates
  • Pupil - Agree that assigning a delegate makes sense, but full assignment of other roles likely does not make sense.
  • PostArchitekt - Is there an issue with having a pod lead of one pod serving as a delegate of another? General sense is no as long as there is capacity to fulfill the role.
  • Gaian - What is our take on participation of Orcanauts and Sonar Labs in each other’s work streams?
  • aia - One concern would be to ensure that people are fulfilling their roles effectively if people are fulfilling multiple roles. Need to establish a culture of expecting that people will fulfill their commitments and that the community will act as needed to ensure roles are being fulfilled properly.

Action: Pupil will start a Discourse thread to solicit nominations (self or otherwise) for the delegate role before the next meeting.

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A tl;dr that could be posted in Discord using the ‘/meeting-tldr’ command in any channel. It will automatically post the answers to the form in the #:up:-tldr channel.

What was discussed:

  • Roles need to be tied to the aims and domains conversations
  • lead and delegate should be separated other roles don’t need a full time assignment
  • Q:What is the purpose of the Orcanauts Pod at this point?
  • Collaboration of Sonar Labs and Orcanauts in each others work streams
  • Concern over proper fulfillment of responsibilities when holding Lead and Delegate from different Pods in the Pod which needs both those roles from all it’s sub-Pods.

Next steps:
Pupil will start a Discourse thread to solicit nominations (self or otherwise) for the delegate role before the next meeting.

Link to Notes [forum.orcanauts.community/t/2022-04-14-gov-naut-sync/96] (‘https://’ elided at front of URL, so that Discourse would not auto change the URL to the Discourse webpage title.)

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Thanks @aia - that is a helpful command!

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